Introducing Picciotto Papillon Pet Bow Ties

We are pleased to introduce a new line of bow ties for our four-legged friends: Picciotto Papillon Pet Bow Ties.

Picciotto Papillon Bow Ties Handmade in Italy - The World Of Giulio Pet Supplies & ProductsPicciotto Papillon pet bow ties are sartorial bow ties handmade in Italy and exclusively sold only on the The World Of Giulio Pet Supplies & Products. You will not find them anywhere else!

Pet bow ties are a fashion statement and for sure dogs and cats wearing one will be the trendiest pets among their friends. Like a real top model!

Available in many colors, you can choose models and colors for any occasions, from celebrating pet birthdays, holidays or just to dress-up for a daily walk to the park.

Look how gorgeous look Giulio the beagle in his Yellow Picciotto Papillon pet bow tie from the Pastello Collection to kick off Spring season in style! Check out the Sky Blue pet bow tie too. 

Pastello Collection Picciotto Papillon Pet Bow Ties - The World Of Giulio Pet Supplies & Products

Picciotto Papillon Pet Bow Tie is hand sewn and secured to the collar by two elastic straps, and it can fit and be used in combination with any collars.

Crafted by experienced tailors, Picciotto Papillon pet bow ties are made of 100% high-quality fabrics.

Some collections and colors come in limited quantities. Make sure to get your puppy one bow tie today!

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